Norma, I have happy, mobile, pain free hips.  Thanks so much!  You are awesome.  Patsy

Norma has blessed my life in many ways with her wisdom, love and willingness to serve. She is a true example of someone who persists and improves despite challenging circumstances. Kelli

Throughout my life, Norma has been an constant. So many times I have gone to her with my troubles, and she always hits the nail on the head with her insight. Even when I am sure she does not agree with my viewpoint, she has never made me feel small or insignificant. She is a kind, steady, calming influence in my life. I am very excited to explore her website and see what sage advice she has posted for all of us to learn from. I highly recommend Norma! Amy W.

Norma has probably taught me more about how to live healthy and happy than anyone else I know. She has been there to offer sage and loving advice through the hardest of times, and has been my friend when that’s all I needed. For many years I have watched her help people to feel better, walk better, sit better, perform better, and all around live better through her teaching, care, and guidance. Joseph

Norma is a woman of remarkable insight who is passionate about all aspects of wellness from emotional to spiritual to physical.  She is particularly good at guiding the people she cares for in their search for self awareness and happiness. One of her her greatest joys is sharing her knowledge and insight with others and helping them discover the path to their own personal wellness and awareness.  She has helped me and inspired me in more ways than she will ever know. Dan

This woman has taught me much over the years. I’m sure The Internet could learn a thing or two from her as well. Cherie

Through many years of working with Norma I have developed an understanding of my own body and gained the knowledge and power to prevent injuries and heal my own aches and pains. Now, after stressing my body with cardio workouts or strength training I have the tools to relieve any stress or muscle tightness with ball rolling. One of the many things I admire about Norma is her continual quest for knowledge about the body. Being a client of Norma puts you on the cutting edge of mind/body information. My 78 year old mother-in-law had two body rolling sessions with Norma and stood up straighter and felt better than she had in years. Not only is Norma one of the most intelligent people I know she has one of the biggest hearts and I always feel physically and mentally recharged after working with her! Stephanie Valley

Body awareness was never a focus for me until Norma introduced me to aspects of my body that immediately made sense to me!  Discovering how to work with my body has allowed me to continue to participate in aerobic exercise despite having long-standing degenerative disk disorder in my lower back.  Norma has been especially helpful in finding ways to help me heal from injuries, teaching me how to use core strength to carry my body differently, and releasing tension in those muscles that have for years been doing all the work!  I especially like the new approach she’s using…it’s like getting a deep massage that results in lasting improvements!  She’s really good at what she does, she’s in it for all the right reasons…and it shows. Saundra S.

I met Norma at the Downtown YMCA around 15 years ago. She taught me Yoga and then Ball Rolling. It was such a blessing to be a part of her life. I can never thank her enough for everything she has done for me. Her ball rolling classes have kept me injury free from a very hectic lifestyle and her knowledge she has imparted to me has been invaluable in so many ways. Her expertise and knowledge is one of Topeka’s greatest treasures, and my prayer is that more people become aware and participate in her classes for overall better health. It is a decision that will never be regretted. Cindy Jones

Norma has been working with me for several years, since my back decided to act up and I could barely walk.  Norma has a great gift for analyzing body problems, then using ball rolling/Pilates/yoga to address the problems.  I love her “old car” analogy to explain that we need to care for our bodies to keep them in good working order – and Norma provides the tools and techniques to do that.  The ball rolling is so effective that I bought the balls and use them at home several times a week – it’s a great self-help tool! Beth

For the past 14 years, I’ve had the privilege of taking Norma’s classes as she taught me how to care for my body.  During that time, Norma taught me how to teach pilates, yoga, aerobics, and to become a personal trainer.  Many years ago, I had broken my tailbone.  For years, I would need to go to a Chiropractor every time it slipped out of place.  One day I mentioned my broken tailbone to Norma, she was able to show me how to put it back in place using ‘ball rolling’ techniques.  Since then, this has saved me a great deal of time, money and discomfort.  She later corrected the alignment of my feet after a podiatrist had told me that they could not be corrected. Norma seems to have a special diagnostic gift. Over the years she has given me a tremendous amount of instruction, guidance and friendship. She is a loving, caring and generous person. I feel blessed to know her. Adel Cheatum

My daughter introduced me to Norma’s “body magic.” I’m retired and have exercised faithfully most of my life not paying much attention to how my routine was affecting my body. Norma has helped me work on problem areas and balance my aerobic and strength training with attention to flexibility and alignment. She’s helped me learn to listen to my body! It’s a bonus that Norma is a positive and caring person who will also fortify your mind and spirit! Jeanne

Norma Goodrick is a person of integrity. She prepares herself well for the life endeavors she pursues. Dennis K.

It has been my privilege to have Norma work with me for the past five years. Norma has a mission to heal other people and in doing so healing herself. Not one of us is perfect, but helping another to feel better about their self and continuing to grow in mind, body and spirit is the essence of Norma. She lives her life in a way that portrays her talent for reaching out and healing others. But it is a two way street and Norma gives her all, which in turn inspires others to do likewise! Thanks Norma. Janice C.

I remember propping myself in my car to drive downtown to see Norma. I had heard of her incredible body awareness from friends. They were right. I was so tight and sore from over exercising and not stretching properly. The process was slow, but Norma told me to be patient, I hadn’t gotten to this point in a short time, and it would take time and patience to feel better. She was right. I learned that small movements in the right way combined with breath had powerful healing powers.
I learned so much more from Norma as well. Many of those things she is kind enough to share with us on this blog. What a wonderful tool to share knowledge and insights. Lori R.

Norma is a wonderful person! She is caring and wise and she always does her best. Olya G.

The Body Logic work I’ve received from Norma has been an amazing experience of rapidly increased awareness of how my body works and malfunctions, where my “spots” are and that those spots have the potential to heal. The process is one of identfying joints and muscle groups that have become frozen or stuck and freeing them up so that I can then change how I move and use my body. Norma applies pressure to those areas in a way that feels to me like a deep body massage, but that results in permanent change. After she frees up those joints and muscles, it allows me to then do my part by consciously changing the way in which I carry myself (posture) and use muscle groups…ways that would have been unavailable to me prior to the work because of the resistance and stuckness in my body. The other aspect of Body Logic is identifying muscle groups that, because of bad old habits, I overuse, and finding a new balance. The result has been a significant decrease in pain (I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disorder 25 years ago that has been debilitating for months at a time)…and the ability to continue regular aerobic exercise. Ultimately, I look forward to and enjoy my Body Logic sessions because I’m always amazed at the changes and improvements I feel in a body that keeps getting older but feels younger, more comfortable and healthier after every session!  Amazing! Saundra S.

Norma was able to help me understand that there is a powerful connection that originates in the feet and continues through the whole body.  I learned to stimulate the outside edge of my feet and then let that translate into strength through the ankles, knees and into the hips. Patsy


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