Start a Business

The fact that we live in a place where anyone can start a business is pretty incredible. Trying to figure out how to set up, market, and run a business is incredibly challenging, but it can also be very rewarding. A business is very different from developing a talent or learning a skill—although it certainly can and should involve those things. However, the emphasis in a business has to be money—return on investment. It is an economic entity which exists for economic purposes. If you have some ideas you have been considering for a business, good for you. One word of advice: build a strong legal foundation for your business. For many years I operated as a sole proprietorship. I think that is dangerous. The government and lawyers have made it dangerous. Because you will be making money, they will try to take it away. Research the best way for you to structure your business, create the legal entities you should, make sure you get smart lawyers to help you, and document, document, document. Then have fun making your dream into a reality!

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