Nobody should have to suffer the darkness of depression, but they do. Oftentimes it is the result of years of anxiety and stress that ends in utter hopelessness. I believe
depression begins where hope ends. This absence of hope saps all energy or desire. heather-depressedEverything is dark. Everything is heavy. Everything has no purpose anymore.

When life gets this hard, loving and supportive friends are critical, but professional help is needed. Almost thirty years ago when I got the courage to walk into a therapist’s office, there was a terrible social stigma associated with getting professional help. My parents and husband were enraged that I would do such a thing. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Getting help shows strength and courage. Getting help can be the beginning of hope.

Oftentimes when depression sets in, one can turn to addictive substances seeking reprieve from the pain. Substance abuse never solves anything. Ever. However, the principles that help an addict can also help with depression. It’s all pain. The tabs under addiction may also be helpful. Find teachers. Get help.cranes_for_hope_by_jagged_eye-d3bnys0