What is the truth about ourselves? This is a question we need to be asking over and over again. If we can accept the truth, then we have the power to do something about it. Efforts that are not based on truth will be ineffective at best and possibly even hurtful. In this step, each person is supposed to make “a searching and fearless written moral inventory” of themselves. This is hard. This is often the step that is “skipped until next time.” We can’t heal until we discern the truth. In my own experience, my pain was like a big, black hole until I started looking at all the nooks and crannies in the hole and defining what I did and what others did to create the pain and difficulty—what REALLY happened. In my case, it took many years of therapy. There are many good therapists in the world who do so much to help unravel the truth in some very convoluted relationships and experiences—and there are many not so good ones. I spoke of “shopping” when you are looking for a teacher, this shopping for a therapist may be the most important shopping you ever do. You may not need professional therapy. However, I think everybody needs fresh eyes and ears to see situations we may have given up on. The truth is so often hidden behinds lies we think are truths. Get some help to see more clearly.

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