Prayer and Meditation

We are at that private, sacred place again. Is there anything more private or sacred than prayer and communion with the divine? Life is very noisy. I would suggest that each of us find places where we can be quiet and do this work. And it is work. Exercising faith that you are being heard, pouring your heart out with honesty and purpose, trying to listen and receive guidance—it is all spiritual work. Spiritual communication is a language, and getting good at it very much follows the process of learning a language. It starts with desire. You have to really want to communicate in that spiritual language. Listening to the language is very important. There are sacred, scriptural writings by prophets and wise men that ring true to our souls as having come from a divine source. Seek out these writings and study them. Then you just have to practice. The more you follow this process of desire, study, and prayer, the more clearly you will understand the voice that will speak to your soul. Be diligent, faithful, and hopeful, and you will experience personal revelation.

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