Daily Accountability

Healing is an ongoing process. Every day we will battle experiences and feelings we know are destructive to us and to others. “One Day At A Time” is not empty advice. It is much easier to battle problems when they are just beginning—like when they are just thoughts in our heads. Noticing negative, destructive, or prideful thoughts and then choosing to do something to change them is the ongoing nature of this process of spiritual growth. We don’t have to think about doing it forever—just today. If we offend someone today, clean it up as quickly as possible. Messes are always easier to clean up if done immediately. We WILL make mistakes. That is okay. But we must take personal responsibility for those mistakes, for those messes, and continue to follow all the previous steps to do what we can to make it right again. Take time every day to do your personal moral inventory, and it won’t have to become such a terrible monster to tackle.


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