Professionally, I have worked to heal the body, but I have developed a deep respect for how profoundly the mind and spirit affect the body and its ability to heal and be well. Natural Anxiety Remedies - MindfulnessWhen I was first learning Body Logic, I was so excited by the prospect of being able to help people, that whenever someone said something was hurting I would jump in with, “Here, let me fix that.” I don’t do that anymore. I wait to be invited into a person’s body and make sure that they want me to do the work and have some small degree of faith that it might help. Without this, I find the body to be very resistant, and the prospects of helping are not very good. On the other hand, a person’s ability to trust me and relax and move with the work has a profound effect on what we are able to accomplish.

This body/mind/spirit connection can really show its destructive power with stress. Unrelenting stress can eventually lead to depression or addiction or worse. Just as it is important to notice what our bodies are feeling so we can work with them to find better health and freedom of movement, it is critical that we notice what we are thinking and feeling and develop patterns that support health and wellness.