The shoulders are a very complex apparatus. As opposed to the hip joint, which is just the ball of one bone fitting into another bone, the shoulder has many moving parts. This shoulder bones
shoulder pic is why there is such a great range of motion in the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is also a very shallow joint, which is why it is relatively easy to dislocate your shoulder. The joint itself is created by the collar bone and the scapula (the wingy bone that fits on the back of your ribcage) coming together. If the ribcage is dropped down, if the collar bone is collapsed in, if the scapula is riding up and forward, then is it imshoulder jointpossible for the shoulder to move in a healthy manner. Try this. Find the bone in the middle of your chest and lift up on it to lift up the ribcage. Now slide your hands along each collar bone, widening it out to the side. Now, with the ribcage more lifted, and the collar bones wider, is it easier to move your shoulder? Some very simple corrections of the ribcage and shoulder girdle can create some rather remarkable improvements.

The creation of this website is an ongoing journey. Soon there will be more information available here about shoulder health. Until then, the Save Your Shoulders Kit described in our store will give you a great education and be your best tool.