I tried being vegan for several weeks when my vegan daughter was visiting. Good food—but not something I could sustain long term. However, here is the truth—consuming fresh fruits and vegetables and staying away from processed foods makes you feel better. Period. Here are some things about nutrition most of us already know:

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1) We are fueling a machine and how we fuel it makes a huge difference in how it operates. 2) Diets are bad largely because they are short term and focus on making us fight our desires for food—which will ultimately backfire. 3) Sugar is addictive for many of us and has no nutritional value. Other foods and substances can be addictive as well. If you know it is bad for you, but you can’t stop yourself, that is the definition of an addiction. It should be given the same care and support when you try to “get off of it.” 4) There is a lot of money being spent trying to get you to use addictive foods and substances. What better way to insure profitability than to sell something your customers will NEED to have over and over again? We say a lot about what we believe by what we spend our money on. Hurrah for Farmer’s Markets, gardens, and grower-to-consumer programs!

I used to hide donuts in my closet as a little girl and “allow” myself to indulge in them Fun Vacation Foodafter I did something I didn’t want to do. As a young mother it was hidden twinkies and hohos I turned to after the children were in bed (unless they had found them during the day). This has been an ongoing battle for many years. As my body ages, I have to really measure how rotten I am willing to feel in order to have my “sugar high.” Two donuts now incapacitates me. Our bodies are unique. Each of us needs to have an ongoing internal dialogue about our food. I believe that if we would listen to our bodies and learn to truly enjoy the many wonderful foods that are naturally there for us, many personal and societal health issues would simply melt away.

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