The hips are a critical pivot point for the body. The legs go down from the femur (thigh bone) connection in the hips, and the spine goes up from the sacral connection in theHip and Leg Pain hips. Because of this, any misalignment or rotation of the hips (called the pelvis), can wreak havoc with the body and cause a great deal of pain all the way to the feet and all the way up to the head. What have you noticed or learned about your own pelvis? If you have not had any pain, you may not know much. However, if you have battled pain it is quite likely that your visits to chiropractors or physical therapists may have informed you that your pelvis is titled or rotated or uneven in some way. Sometimes people are told that one leg is shorter than the other and that this has caused the misalignment. Well, I have only known one person in my experience who truly had one leg shorter than the other, and that was because they had had part of the bone removed after an accident. More often, our patterns of sitting and standing and the ways the body has compensated for injury or surgery or pregnancy are the core of the problem. If old patterns are causing the problem, then the solution is to teach the body new patterns. Begin by noticing, then find the information and instruction you need to work on the problem.

The creation of this website is an ongoing journey. Soon there will be more information available here about hip health. Until then, the Save Your Hips Kit described in our store will give you a great education and be your best tool.