Our face is what we present to the world, and how our face looks is important to us. How our face feels can also have a great impact on our well-being. We may think our skull is one big bone with a brain in it, but not so. Our skull is made up of many bones puttogether with a jaimages-facew that hinges in the front of it. Gravity and lots of worry can pull these bones closer in to each other and create creases in the skin that w
e call wrinkles. Clenching the jaw can create lots of tension throughout the face and eventually cause the pain of TMJ. Try this experiment. Place your fingers right under the bone of your forehead where it meets your nose. You know the place where the worry furrow in the brow develops. Now lift up on the forehead bone with your fingers, trying to separate it from your nose. Be sure the back of your head is supported so you are not straining the neck. Now, stay there until you feel a release of muscle and slight liftinArchesg of the bone. Now remove your hands and see how you feel. Do you feel a little better or lighter? Look in the mirror. Do you look a little more lifted? Are the furrows a little lighter? Noticing what our face and jaw is doing as we go through the day can be a powerful tool in taking charge of our wellness.

The creation of this website is an ongoing journey. Soon there will be more information available here about how to care for your face. Until then, the Save Your Face Kit described in our store will give you a great education and be your best tool.