I must say a word about breath. It is the foundation for all effective movement and can be improved with practice. Our slumped over posture literally robs the body of the Natural Anxiety Remediesbreath it needs to be healthy. While aerobic activity is one alternative to get more air into our lungs, there are also yoga breathing practices and other options. Just lengthening your body as much as you can and getting as much air into your lungs and diaphragm as you can periodically throughout the day will improve the way you feel. The body needs air. Figure out how to get more of that precious stuff into it.

The creation of this website is an ongoing journey. Soon there will be more information available here about how to improve your breath and the wellbeing that breathing deeper and better can bring. Until then, the Power of Breath Kit described in our store will give you a great education and be your best tool.

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