Your back is made of several parts. The most central of these parts is the spine. It attaches the head to the pelvis. All the nerves that give the body signals about wspine imagehat to do come down through this spinal column from the brain. The spinal column is protected by many sets of muscles that surround and support it. If a nerve gets pinched, or if these muscles spasm, you can be in some serious pain. Most of us have heard of bulging discs or herniated discs or spinal stenosis. Many of these problems stem from the vertebrae losing space between them and falling in on themselves. Posture cannot be overemphasized where back health is concerned. However, it can bBeginning Yoga Posese difficult to understand what correct posture is if we have been standing, sitting, and moving in unhealthy ways for many years. I wrote a blog recently about the body being a set of arches that stack on top of each other. It is an important concept. So is understanding how to create length and space and alignment in your back. Yoga can be a great tool in helping to maintain back health. However, if you are a beginner, be sure you do not try to go too far too fast.

The creation of this website is an ongoing journey. Soon there will be more information available here about back health. Until then, the Save Your Back Kit described in our store will give you a great education and be your best tool.