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Wellness and Our Family Tree


I have often heard people say, “I can’t do anything about this because it is in my DNA—my so-and-so had it”. I acknowledge that our DNA and heritage deeply affect every aspect of our wellness. It is extremely important to research and understand our roots and to become familiar with the wellness challenges our parents and […]

Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care

Holistic Medicine - Yoga

Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care I was in St. Louis last week attending a Yoga Training conference where the topic for Thursday was Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care. The presenter was a doctor who utilizes yoga in his own life and in his medical practice. He talked about how much he […]

Wellness retreats, Health Fairs, Conferences

Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats, Health Fairs, Conferences As we approach spring and think about moving our bodies and improving our health, there is a wealth of information, support, and tools to be found at wellness retreats, health fairs, and various health related conferences. For instance, next Wednesday, March 2nd, Topeka’s Washburn University will be hosting a Wellness […]

Foot Pain Relief

Foot Pain Relief

Summer is coming and it is time to kick off our shoes for some foot pain relief. Are you plagued by pain in the ball of your foot? Is it difficult to walk and do the things you want to do because of this pain? I want you to know that there are things you […]

Beginning Yoga Poses

Beginning Yoga Poses

I love the word, “beginning,” and in light of a blueprint for wellness, beginning yoga is a wonderful idea. Here are some reasons I love the practice of yoga. It makes us stop what we are doing and spend some time paying attention to what our bodies are feeling and how they move. While moving […]

Blueprint for Wellness – Movement

Blueprint for Wellness

The Blueprint for Wellness for the body must include movement, but not just any movement, movement that you love! Do you remember how you loved to move as a child? I believe recapturing that love of movement is our goal. Unfortunately, what I have found over years of working with people and movement and struggling […]



POP—down I went feeling excruciating pain in my left ankle. I was all alone on the ground in Times Square. One split second and all my plans changed—completely. We don’t plan accidents, but accidents certainly do change our plans. It was a beautiful day in Manhattan. The weather was perfect. The crowds were out enjoying […]

Holistic Alternatives For Joint Discomfort


I have been doing some research about holistic alternatives for joint discomfort. I have had such a passion for years about holistic alternatives to drugs and surgery. I do believe there are times when those may be the only alternative, but I would certainly like it to be the last alternative. Remembering how broken my […]