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Holiday Gratitude

Holiday Gratitude

Holiday Gratitude The holidays can be a time for reflections of gratitude—or not. Often the holidays are also a time for stress and unresolved resentments and heartache. In this tug of war between heartache and gratitude, I believe there are some things we can do to swing the pendulum towards the thankful side. We begin […]



Last weekend I met with my fantastic Core Focus team, and I have an even deeper appreciation for the power of teamwork. We sequestered ourselves in a hotel room with a white board and went to work. The quality of work from four minds is so much better than anything I could come up with […]

The Thrill of Trying New Things

Thrill of trying new things

The Thrill of Trying New Things There is a thrill that comes from learning and trying new things—both for the student and the teacher. Last week I attended a Thai Energy Yoga training. I picked up some new ideas I want to use in helping my clients get up after a session. Transitioning from the […]

Health Conference in Kansas City!

Health Conference in Kansas City

Next Wednesday, on October 28th, I will be presenting at a Health and Wellness Conference in Kansas City. I am excited to bring my education and experiences to this growing city. The conference is titled, “Take Action Health Conference.” It is being advertised as “The ONLY Whole Body Health Conference in Kansas City.” It will […]

Three Tips for a Healthier You

Three Tips for a Healthier You

Let me share three tips for a healthier you that I have found useful in establishing habits of self-care. Self-care, like so many things, eventually boils down to doing something. We may have found some wonderful teachers who have taught us amazing things (information), and we may have spent some time becoming aware of our own […]