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Wellness and Our Family Tree


I have often heard people say, “I can’t do anything about this because it is in my DNA—my so-and-so had it”. I acknowledge that our DNA and heritage deeply affect every aspect of our wellness. It is extremely important to research and understand our roots and to become familiar with the wellness challenges our parents and […]

Wellness retreats, Health Fairs, Conferences

Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats, Health Fairs, Conferences As we approach spring and think about moving our bodies and improving our health, there is a wealth of information, support, and tools to be found at wellness retreats, health fairs, and various health related conferences. For instance, next Wednesday, March 2nd, Topeka’s Washburn University will be hosting a Wellness […]

Blueprint for Wellness – Hiking

Blueprint for Wellness - Hiking

In our blueprint for wellness – yummy food, adequate sleep, and enjoyable movement – we have to have a shout out for hiking. The benefits to mind, body and spirit are immense, and it is enjoyable movement which also precipitates eating better and sleeping well. It is a win, win, win in so many ways. […]

Blueprint for Wellness – Healthy Eating Tips for Traveling

Blueprint for Wellness - Healthy Eating

As summer vacations begin, let’s use our blueprint for wellness to look at healthy eating tips for traveling.  It is easy to understand what is needed for healthy eating—healthy food in healthy amounts, right? However, implementation of this, particularly while traveling, can be extremely challenging. First of all, let’s take a look at what some […]

Blueprint for Wellness–Sleep

Blueprint for Wellness

If I was asked about a blueprint for wellness for the body, the basic design would be very simple—deep and healing sleep, nourishing and amazing food, and movement that you love. A great deal of time and money is spent researching health and wellbeing, but the results are always some version of this same blueprint […]