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Road Trip Treasures

Road Trip Treasures

Road Trip Treasures It’s summertime—road trip time! I meet my sister in Denver every summer to spend a week together enjoying the Rocky Mountains. I-70 from Topeka to Denver is, well, excruciatingly boring. I decided to conduct my own treasure hunt to see what health promoting opportunities I could find along the way, and I […]

Spring Break Ideas

Spring Break Ideas. Sevilla, Spain.

It is almost springtime—time to think about spring break ideas. Yay! I taught young people for many years, and February was always the most difficult month. It is cold, dark, and there is nothing to look forward to. It is like the middle of a long race, and nobody can see the finish line yet. […]

Vacations and Housework


Awhile back I was cleaning out some drawers and came across a stack of old chore charts I had created to try to get housework done during summer vacations. As I looked at them a deep and overwhelming sense of exhaustion fell over me. It seemed that most of those charts were made at just […]