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The Thrill of Trying New Things

Thrill of trying new things

The Thrill of Trying New Things There is a thrill that comes from learning and trying new things—both for the student and the teacher. Last week I attended a Thai Energy Yoga training. I picked up some new ideas I want to use in helping my clients get up after a session. Transitioning from the […]

Body Awareness

Body Awareness

Body awareness–knowing how our bodies are feeling and what they need at any given time is what introspection for the body is all about. How do we take time to “get in touch with” or “listen to” what our bodies may be needing or feeling? Many years ago when I was studying Pilates they called […]

Self-Care for the Body


It’s a New Year, and many people are thinking about self-care for the body as they set their goals for 2015. We have all set those weight loss goals—and then given up a few weeks later. Many of us have set goals to go to the gym or to quit smoking or eat better, etc. […]