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Enjoying Water


Enjoying Water I am sitting by a river in the Rocky Mountains pondering water and what a truly miraculous and wonderful gift it is. Things that are growing and healing need water—lots of water. And it can be so very beautiful. Today I feel grateful for water. Maybe you can, too. Here are some ideas […]

Wellness retreats, Health Fairs, Conferences

Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats, Health Fairs, Conferences As we approach spring and think about moving our bodies and improving our health, there is a wealth of information, support, and tools to be found at wellness retreats, health fairs, and various health related conferences. For instance, next Wednesday, March 2nd, Topeka’s Washburn University will be hosting a Wellness […]

Tribute to International Healers

International Healers

Two years ago I began learning Body Logic with this wonderful group of international healers who also taught me many lessons of their own. Our last training was completed in December, but on this anniversary I find myself reflecting on how much I learned—not just from the Body Logic method but also from the kind […]

Introspection for Spiritual Growth


Introspection is needed for spiritual growth and healing. Last week we discussed seeking Information through immersing ourselves in the wise words written by inspired men. However, this immersion is shallow without the next “I”–the Introspection part of this process. Many people think of this as meditation, and meditation can certainly take the form of spiritual […]

Seek Spiritual Inspiration


This season of the year is a wonderful time to step back and seek spiritual inspiration. In spiritual growth, the same “I’s” we have been discussing certainly apply, and the first step in spiritual growth is to seek “information”–words of wisdom, words that have inspired people for centuries, words that continue to touch us to […]

Celebrate Marriage and Learn

Steve and Norma

Let’s all stop for a moment to celebrate marriage. I am not unfamiliar with the challenges marriage brings, and there have certainly been times when I did not feel like celebrating. However, the opportunity to be married, to work on our marriages, to work on ourselves in order to improve our marriages, and to share […]