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Getting Help


Getting Help Getting help can be one of the most important efforts we make in our journey towards health and wellness. I have been in North Carolina with a daughter who will be having her third child in a few weeks. She has a four year old and an 11 month old, and her husband […]

Road Trip Treasures

Road Trip Treasures

Road Trip Treasures It’s summertime—road trip time! I meet my sister in Denver every summer to spend a week together enjoying the Rocky Mountains. I-70 from Topeka to Denver is, well, excruciatingly boring. I decided to conduct my own treasure hunt to see what health promoting opportunities I could find along the way, and I […]

Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care

Holistic Medicine - Yoga

Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care I was in St. Louis last week attending a Yoga Training conference where the topic for Thursday was Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care. The presenter was a doctor who utilizes yoga in his own life and in his medical practice. He talked about how much he […]

Health Conference in Kansas City!

Health Conference in Kansas City

Next Wednesday, on October 28th, I will be presenting at a Health and Wellness Conference in Kansas City. I am excited to bring my education and experiences to this growing city. The conference is titled, “Take Action Health Conference.” It is being advertised as “The ONLY Whole Body Health Conference in Kansas City.” It will […]

Blueprint for Wellness–Sleep

Blueprint for Wellness

If I was asked about a blueprint for wellness for the body, the basic design would be very simple—deep and healing sleep, nourishing and amazing food, and movement that you love. A great deal of time and money is spent researching health and wellbeing, but the results are always some version of this same blueprint […]

Holistic Alternatives For Joint Discomfort


I have been doing some research about holistic alternatives for joint discomfort. I have had such a passion for years about holistic alternatives to drugs and surgery. I do believe there are times when those may be the only alternative, but I would certainly like it to be the last alternative. Remembering how broken my […]

Social Media


I attended another conference on internet marketing, this time in Las Vegas. While most of the people there were associated with real estate, I found myself reflecting over and over again on the power of ball rolling to help people and how this information could be put out there where people who need it could […]