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Road Trip Treasures

Road Trip Treasures

Road Trip Treasures It’s summertime—road trip time! I meet my sister in Denver every summer to spend a week together enjoying the Rocky Mountains. I-70 from Topeka to Denver is, well, excruciatingly boring. I decided to conduct my own treasure hunt to see what health promoting opportunities I could find along the way, and I […]

Enjoying Water


Enjoying Water I am sitting by a river in the Rocky Mountains pondering water and what a truly miraculous and wonderful gift it is. Things that are growing and healing need water—lots of water. And it can be so very beautiful. Today I feel grateful for water. Maybe you can, too. Here are some ideas […]



Last weekend I met with my fantastic Core Focus team, and I have an even deeper appreciation for the power of teamwork. We sequestered ourselves in a hotel room with a white board and went to work. The quality of work from four minds is so much better than anything I could come up with […]

Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care

Holistic Medicine - Yoga

Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care I was in St. Louis last week attending a Yoga Training conference where the topic for Thursday was Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care. The presenter was a doctor who utilizes yoga in his own life and in his medical practice. He talked about how much he […]

10 Things to Remember About Firsts


Ten Things to Remember About Firsts I did not realize until I arrived that the conference I was presenting at was a “First.” (It was a FIRST Whole Body Health Conference in Kansas City). Firsts are always challenging. It was my first time making a PowerPoint presentation. It was my first time hosting a booth […]

Health Conference in Kansas City!

Health Conference in Kansas City

Next Wednesday, on October 28th, I will be presenting at a Health and Wellness Conference in Kansas City. I am excited to bring my education and experiences to this growing city. The conference is titled, “Take Action Health Conference.” It is being advertised as “The ONLY Whole Body Health Conference in Kansas City.” It will […]

Blueprint for Wellness – Hiking

Blueprint for Wellness - Hiking

In our blueprint for wellness – yummy food, adequate sleep, and enjoyable movement – we have to have a shout out for hiking. The benefits to mind, body and spirit are immense, and it is enjoyable movement which also precipitates eating better and sleeping well. It is a win, win, win in so many ways. […]