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Road Trip Treasures

Road Trip Treasures

Road Trip Treasures It’s summertime—road trip time! I meet my sister in Denver every summer to spend a week together enjoying the Rocky Mountains. I-70 from Topeka to Denver is, well, excruciatingly boring. I decided to conduct my own treasure hunt to see what health promoting opportunities I could find along the way, and I […]

Tips for Eating More Mindfully

Eat more Mindfully

Tips for Eating More Mindfully As promised, the following are some tips for eating more mindfully as suggested in, “The Diet Fix: Why Diets Fail and How to Make Yours Work” by Yoni Freedhoff, MD. How to Eat More Mindfully with Your Mind: The first step is becoming more aware. Developing this awareness does not […]

Stop Dieting – Eat Mindfully Instead

Stop dieting - eat mindfully

Stop Dieting – Eat Mindfully Instead If you started a diet at the first of the year, I suggest that you stop dieting and eat mindfully instead. Last week I emphasized NOTICING how we treat and move our bodies. Today let’s talk about noticing food and how we eat. Focusing on food has to be […]

New Year – New You

New Year - New You

New Year – New You! The New Year is a great time to take inventories, and while considering where we are in our lives and what directions we want to go, let’s also take a little time to consider how we can better care for the bodies that help us do all these things. Perhaps this […]

Blueprint for Wellness – Healthy Eating Tips for Traveling

Blueprint for Wellness - Healthy Eating

As summer vacations begin, let’s use our blueprint for wellness to look at healthy eating tips for traveling.  It is easy to understand what is needed for healthy eating—healthy food in healthy amounts, right? However, implementation of this, particularly while traveling, can be extremely challenging. First of all, let’s take a look at what some […]

Blueprint for Wellness–Sleep

Blueprint for Wellness

If I was asked about a blueprint for wellness for the body, the basic design would be very simple—deep and healing sleep, nourishing and amazing food, and movement that you love. A great deal of time and money is spent researching health and wellbeing, but the results are always some version of this same blueprint […]

Body Awareness

Body Awareness

Body awareness–knowing how our bodies are feeling and what they need at any given time is what introspection for the body is all about. How do we take time to “get in touch with” or “listen to” what our bodies may be needing or feeling? Many years ago when I was studying Pilates they called […]

Self-Care for the Body


It’s a New Year, and many people are thinking about self-care for the body as they set their goals for 2015. We have all set those weight loss goals—and then given up a few weeks later. Many of us have set goals to go to the gym or to quit smoking or eat better, etc. […]

The Food We Eat


Okay—so I am a Ted Talks junky. It could be worse. Recently, I listened to a few talks about food and sustainability and world hunger and those sorts of topics. Our food really is a topic we should pay attention to. One speaker suggested we should not be constantly criticizing white flour products because at least they have […]