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Wellness and Our Family Tree


I have often heard people say, “I can’t do anything about this because it is in my DNA—my so-and-so had it”. I acknowledge that our DNA and heritage deeply affect every aspect of our wellness. It is extremely important to research and understand our roots and to become familiar with the wellness challenges our parents and […]

Spring Break Ideas

Spring Break Ideas. Sevilla, Spain.

It is almost springtime—time to think about spring break ideas. Yay! I taught young people for many years, and February was always the most difficult month. It is cold, dark, and there is nothing to look forward to. It is like the middle of a long race, and nobody can see the finish line yet. […]

Sister Gifts

Sister Gifts

Celebrate sister gifts because they are unique and special. The greatest sister gifts are not wrapped in paper and tied with a bow. They come from the heart. Sister relationships can be complicated and fraught with difficult emotions, but whoever it was that lived with you while you were growing up and shared your DNA […]

Funny Marriage Advice – Lighten Up!

Funny Marriage Advice

Valentine’s Day is on display, and you may love or hate the holiday, but I have found laughter to be essential in any relationship and especially in marriage so let’s focus today on some funny marriage advice and other things to laugh about on Valentine’s Day. Here are a few quotes that made me chuckle: […]

Finding Balance


Health and well-being are intricately tied to finding balance—in our bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships. We have been talking about growth and how to facilitate growth in our bodies, minds, spirits and relationships through gathering information, spending time in introspection, and then carrying out our plans through implementation. However, all of these wonderful efforts can […]

Seek Spiritual Inspiration


This season of the year is a wonderful time to step back and seek spiritual inspiration. In spiritual growth, the same “I’s” we have been discussing certainly apply, and the first step in spiritual growth is to seek “information”–words of wisdom, words that have inspired people for centuries, words that continue to touch us to […]