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Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief

Shoulder and neck pain relief

Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief Yesterday, while working with people at the Health Fair, I was surprised by how much neck and shoulder pain I heard about and how little people understood about the cause of this pain or how to prevent it. Much of my time is spent working with clients who have been […]

Blueprint for Wellness – Movement

Blueprint for Wellness

The Blueprint for Wellness for the body must include movement, but not just any movement, movement that you love! Do you remember how you loved to move as a child? I believe recapturing that love of movement is our goal. Unfortunately, what I have found over years of working with people and movement and struggling […]

Seek Spiritual Inspiration


This season of the year is a wonderful time to step back and seek spiritual inspiration. In spiritual growth, the same “I’s” we have been discussing certainly apply, and the first step in spiritual growth is to seek “information”–words of wisdom, words that have inspired people for centuries, words that continue to touch us to […]


information sources

Information–it’s everywhere! If you are younger than 30 and reading this, you may not understand why I find this so  amazing. Information has always been everywhere for you who grew up with the internet. Being a bit of a dinosaur, let me be a reminder that it was not always so. As a young mother, […]

Growth–Information, Introspection, Implementation


Information, Introspection, and Implementation—after reading deeply about growth and change, it seems to me that these three I’s are the essence of the process required to grow, change, and improve, whether personally or organizationally. Perhaps this is why growth and improvement are so difficult to accomplish. The process can get bogged down in any one […]

Joy in the Quest for Truth

Joy in truth

The school year is ending soon. Textbooks will be put away and replaced by hours of texting. Classroom doors will close and the doors of summer vacations and jobs will open. Efforts to educate will fade away for a few weeks as both teachers and students take a much needed break from each other. As […]

Education in the Internet Era


My son gave me a great book to read called The One World Schoolhouse written by the man who started the Khan Academy—an online effort to bring quality free education to the world via the internet. His story is inspiring, and his vision of how technology can bless students and the classroom are visionary. We all know […]