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Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care

Holistic Medicine - Yoga

Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care I was in St. Louis last week attending a Yoga Training conference where the topic for Thursday was Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care. The presenter was a doctor who utilizes yoga in his own life and in his medical practice. He talked about how much he […]

Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief

Shoulder and neck pain relief

Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief Yesterday, while working with people at the Health Fair, I was surprised by how much neck and shoulder pain I heard about and how little people understood about the cause of this pain or how to prevent it. Much of my time is spent working with clients who have been […]

Stop, Breathe, and Wait

frustrated kid

I received some of the best advice of my life from my teacher and mentor, Yamuna Zake, while I was in New York last week—stop, breathe, and wait. I am finishing up two years of training in New York by Yamuna in a method called “Body Logic.” When I began this training two years ago, […]

Fall Colors


I LOVE the fall! I think mother nature did some of her greatest artwork when she got out her palette to create fall leaves. On our way back from Boston where our daughter lives, we stopped at Brown County State Park in Indiana. The park was BREATHTAKING! The fall leaves were at their most beautiful […]

Session #2 in New York – Done


I am flying back from New York after my second session of training in Body Logic. I find my admiration of Yamuna turning into almost a reverence as her student. She has the most profound understanding of how the body works—or doesn’t work because of repetitive patterns of movement and posture. She talks a lot […]