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Change is in the Air

Change is in the Air

Change is in the Air The colorful fall leaves are reminding us that change is in the air. My daughter sent me a picture and quote showing a tree losing its leaves which said, “The trees are about to show you how beautiful it is to let go.” I am about to embark on a […]

The Thrill of Trying New Things

Thrill of trying new things

The Thrill of Trying New Things There is a thrill that comes from learning and trying new things—both for the student and the teacher. Last week I attended a Thai Energy Yoga training. I picked up some new ideas I want to use in helping my clients get up after a session. Transitioning from the […]

Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care

Holistic Medicine - Yoga

Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care I was in St. Louis last week attending a Yoga Training conference where the topic for Thursday was Holistic Medicine – Yoga as Primary Care. The presenter was a doctor who utilizes yoga in his own life and in his medical practice. He talked about how much he […]

Knees and Hips Workshop

Knees and Hips Workshop in KC

KNEES AND HIPS THE JOINTS THAT KEEP YOU MOVING Thursday, November 12, 2015 6:00 pm-7:30 pm Physiques 7330 W. 80th St., Overland Park, KS 66204 Thursday, November 12th, I will present a knees and hips  workshop. The knees* and hips**, along with the feet, are the mechanism which propels us forward and keeps us moving. […]

Blueprint for Wellness – Movement

Blueprint for Wellness

The Blueprint for Wellness for the body must include movement, but not just any movement, movement that you love! Do you remember how you loved to move as a child? I believe recapturing that love of movement is our goal. Unfortunately, what I have found over years of working with people and movement and struggling […]

To Go or Not to Go?


This week Yamuna sent an e-mail saying her next Body Logic training begins February 21-25 of 2013. Two years, four weeks each year in New York, $6000 each year for tuition. I have wanted to do this for a very long time, but I didn’t see how I could afford the time or the money. […]