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Tips for Eating More Mindfully

Eat more Mindfully

Tips for Eating More Mindfully As promised, the following are some tips for eating more mindfully as suggested in, “The Diet Fix: Why Diets Fail and How to Make Yours Work” by Yoni Freedhoff, MD. How to Eat More Mindfully with Your Mind: The first step is becoming more aware. Developing this awareness does not […]

Beginning Yoga Poses

Beginning Yoga Poses

I love the word, “beginning,” and in light of a blueprint for wellness, beginning yoga is a wonderful idea. Here are some reasons I love the practice of yoga. It makes us stop what we are doing and spend some time paying attention to what our bodies are feeling and how they move. While moving […]

Finding Balance


Health and well-being are intricately tied to finding balance—in our bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships. We have been talking about growth and how to facilitate growth in our bodies, minds, spirits and relationships through gathering information, spending time in introspection, and then carrying out our plans through implementation. However, all of these wonderful efforts can […]

Introspection for Spiritual Growth


Introspection is needed for spiritual growth and healing. Last week we discussed seeking Information through immersing ourselves in the wise words written by inspired men. However, this immersion is shallow without the next “I”–the Introspection part of this process. Many people think of this as meditation, and meditation can certainly take the form of spiritual […]