Road Trip Treasures

Road Trip Treasures

Summer Road TripIt’s summertime—road trip time! I meet my sister in Denver every summer to spend a week together enjoying the Rocky Mountains. I-70 from Topeka to Denver is, well, excruciatingly boring. I decided to conduct my own treasure hunt to see what health promoting opportunities I could find along the way, and I was pleasantly surprised by a few wonderful treasures.

The first is a yoga studio in Manhattan, KS, called Orange Sky Yoga. Yes, Manhattan is about 10 miles off of I-70, but I think this is worth the detour. The studio owner, Jessa Voos, is knowledgeable, friendly, and a great teacher. Her cues were spot on and very helpful. The flow of the class was nice. She walks around giving helpful hints to individuals (which you do not find in a lot of yoga classes). It was a good class. And what a great break from the open highway! When you get back in your car, you do not mind so much driving on boring highway because you are feeling so good!

The next was a complete surprise—Health Essentials in Burlington, CO. Summer Road TripBecause I had not been able to find much on the western side of Kansas, finding this treasure on the eastern side of Colorado was amazing! I was sitting in my hotel room in Goodland, KS, searching other holistic sites, when I ran across this little company in Burlington, CO called Health Essentials. Burlington is a small town just to the west of the eastern border of Colorado. No detour off the highway this time, just a couple of minutes off of I-70. And what a treasure it is!

There is a health food café and grocery store with healthy alternatives to road trip fast food. They offer a number of holistic alternative therapies including massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy and rain therapy. When I walked in I was greeted by a woman named Melissa who was very friendly. I told her I was not sure what I was doing there, but I do holistic healing therapy called Yamuna Body Rolling and Yamuna Body Logic. There was a light in her eyes, and she invited me to sit with her. She told me her story. Health She is a Registered Nurse, but she was not happy with the healing options available to people in the traditional medical system. She decided to study acupuncture. She was surprised at how quickly her acupuncture business grew. Soon she was able to give up nursing and devote herself full time to her love of holistic healing. She then told me that she had been looking for some new holistic alternatives to offer to her clientele. “In fact”, she said, “just yesterday I threw it out into the universe asking for some help finding something.” We looked at each other in that knowing holistic practitioner way and realized we had been part of a little miracle. I had to get back on the road, but we set up a time and date for me to come work with her people on my return trip home.

A week later I met with her team consisting of herself, her massage therapist, her chiropractor, her yoga instructor, and her nutritionist. I introduced them all to the theory behind Yamuna’s work and did some Table Treatment on her massage therapist who I think quickly understood the value of the work. I then did a Body Logic session on Melissa, after which I instructed her on some ball rolling to meet her specific needs. She was very pleased, bought two sets of balls, and told me we would be in touch about bringing my work to her studio when I return next year. Again, I told her how amazed I was to have found her. Her reply was, “It’s not so amazing. I wished you here.”

When I first contemplated who would be interested in something as cutting edge as what I offer, I assumed I would need to market to big cities with a large populace. And there IS a growing interest in cities such as Kansas City. However, I have been humbled by the treasures I have found in what may seem to be “nowhere.” This Monday I got to host a workshop and did privates in a little town called Independence, KS. I met Nicole, the owner of Yoga by Nicole, at a yoga training a few months ago. I had a chance to give her a Body Logic session, and now she is setting things up with her clientele for me to introduce the work to them. Yes, the roads of Kansas may seem deserted and even boring, but there certainly are treasures of holistic healing in unexpected corners!

Where are your road trips taking you to this summer? Is there a yoga class or a massage therapy studio or a holistic food café you may be able to hunt down along the way? What healthy treasures have you found in your road trip travels? Please share!

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