Enjoying Water

Enjoying Water

I am sitting by a river in the Rocky Mountains pondering water and what a truly miraculous and wonderful gift it is. Things that are growing and healing need water—lots of water. And it can be so very beautiful. Today I feel grateful for water. Maybe you can, too. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Our bodies are largely composed of water.

Enjoying Water

My sister and I in Colorado

We absolutely need to consume water on an almost daily basis in order to live. We may be able to go without food for several days, but not without water. I am wondering if there are some creative and fun ways to consume more water. Incorporating more drinking moments into our daily habits would be a good idea. Some suggest a large glass of water before a meal as helpful in curbing the appetite. Of course, water is a vital part of any exercise regimen, especially if we are sweating. We once went on a hike with insufficient water. Not good! Some very nice fellow hikers literally saved us. There are also a variety of different ways to consume water. Some may be more healthful than others. Herbal teas come to mind. What are some drinks that you enjoy and some methods you may have used to get more water into your bodies?

  • All living things require water to live and to grow.

If we see green things growing, there is usually a water source nearby, even if it is a rain cloud. We have all seen a thirsty plant be revived by putting it in water. In just a few moments it can go from sad and droopy to happy and beautiful. It is quite miraculous. I want to notice and appreciate this miracle more. What beautiful, growing things do you enjoy? Where does the water come from that nourishes these beautiful things?

  • Cleansing and healing requires water.

The first thing we do when our skin is injured with a cut or puncture is to wash it and cleanse it to wash away those elements which would cause infection and pain. I really do not like pain. I am grateful that something as simple and accessible as water and soap is available to me when I need it. Water can also be great for soaking sore body parts.  Cold or hot—water can be a great tool to alleviate pain or discomfort.

  • Water purifies and makes things more beautiful and useful.

We use it to wash counters and floors and walls and anything that has become dirty and unclean. This includes our bodies. Enjoying WaterOne of our first defenses against disease is just plain cleanliness. We feel better when we are clean. That just out of the shower feeling is one of life’s daily pleasures and joys. And then there is the joy of bathing slowly and wonderfully in whatever scent or bubbles we may choose, feeling the stress of the day being washed away at the same time. Maybe we should take more time to enjoy this daily ritual and the feeling better experience that comes when we are clean.

  • Water is beautiful.

Enjoying WaterWithout serving any other purpose, water is beautiful. Just looking at this beautiful river lifts my spirits. Water rushing over rocks and dancing in the sunlight can be a continual source of visual happiness. Splashing water as it hits rocks or cliffs is one of nature’s finest portraits. Enjoy these moments.

  • Water makes beautiful music.

Listening to this mountain river gladdens my heart. So does the sound of ocean waves as they crash into the shore. Or the sound of a small stream trickling down a mountainside. Even a small portable fountain in a quiet room can calm the soul and release our tension. What is it about the sound of water that has such power? Have you found some ways to utilize this power in your own lives to alleviate stress?

  • Rain is water from the heavens.

In Kansas we have the additional gift of gorgeous thunderstorms. The clouds get black and start swirling, and the wind picks up and joins the dance. Lightening bolts dart through the sky accompanied by the trembling thunder. It is drama at its finest. I love it!

  • Water can be a playground.

One of my favorite things to do is to watch children and dogs playing on a beach—running into the waves and running away from the waves. There is so much giggling and screeching and sheer joy. Free ecstasy. Summertime is a great time to enjoy the water and smile at the children playing and swimming in it. Then, of course, there is boating and water skiing and water sports as well. Where can you go and what can you do to enjoy the playfulness of water?

  • Swimming and playing in water is good for us.

I am not a swimmer. Enjoying WaterI was not taught to swim, and feeling confident that I will not cough and choke on water being breathed in has left me with little desire to swim. But I think it is something I should learn. As I watch bodies age, many forms of movement that were enjoyed previously are no longer accessible to these aging bodies. Taking gravity out of the equation through getting in the water takes all sorts of strain out the the joints and muscles as they move. I definitely need to learn to swim better and enjoy the gift of water in this way.

  • Water is often free.

All of these wonderful ways to enjoy water are often free of charge. Noticing, listening, watching, feeling—all this can be given us without having to open our wallets, just our eyes, ears, mouth, and hearts.

What are some ways that you are enjoying water this summer? Are there places you like to go to play in water? How can we increase our enjoyment of this wonderful and often free resource?

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