Change is in the Air

Change is in the Air

Change is in the AirThe colorful fall leaves are reminding us that change is in the air. My daughter sent me a picture and quote showing a tree losing its leaves which said, “The trees are about to show you how beautiful it is to let go.” I am about to embark on a huge change in my own life as well, and it will give me a lot of practice in letting go.

In a month, I will be closing my Topeka studio and taking my work on the road. While pondering some personal challenges, it occurred to me that my work is entirely mobile now. I no longer need large equipment to teach. All I need are my Body Logic cushions and my head and heart—which can all be transported very easily in a car. I just returned from being with my daughter while my 14th grandchild made his entrance into the world. She is one of seven children who live in very different places, from southern California to Boston, to Spain. I am not getting any younger, and neither are they, and I want to be with my children and grandchildren. I am in the incredible position to be able to take my work and go be with them, and that is what I plan to do.

Moving On


So…..if anyone is looking for some lightly used Pilates equipment, I have some for sale—a Stott V-2 Max, a ladder barrel and a chair.Joseph Pilates

Pilates has been a good friend. I believe Joseph Pilates was a visionary movement therapist, and he gave the world wonderful tools to work with. It was 17 years ago that I attended my first Pilates training by John Geary in a small studio in Long Beach, California. Pilates was not the household word it has become, but after that first training I knew it was something special. I returned to my boss at the YMCA and said, “I am bringing a BMW into a Ford garage, and I don’t know what we are going to do with it.” That was a prophetic statement. Ten years later I had to leave the YMCA for this reason.


YogaMy love of yoga has also blossomed over the years. The emphasis on individual attunement and mind body movement fit closely with the Pilates principles I had learned. I loved the fact that your mat is your safe space, and your practice is your practice. There was so much benefit to be gained from that practice.

The Best of Both Worlds

However, for many years there seemed to be a division between the Pilates and Yoga camps. I could usually see which camp a client was coming from by where the ribcage was sitting. If it was very open, and the thoracic extension was extreme, I knew I was dealing with yoga. If it was locked down I knew I was dealing with Pilates. However, BOTH camps are actually trying to teach BALANCE. I had an experience while I was in North Carolina visiting my daughter and her family after she gave birth. I had visited a yoga studio to introduce Yamuna’s work to them. There was a Pilates studio next door, and the heads of both studios met with me. One of them said, “We are a good team.” Change is in the Air. Balance

As I worked, I found I could communicate best with the Pilates teacher by talking anatomy. I was able to teach the yoga teacher better by talking energies. But the body is very much both anatomy and energies. We need both, and we need to be teaching to both. The fact that they were working together to give their clients this balance was very hopeful to me. Not long after this experience I was contacted by another studio owner wanting me to work with their clients. This healing practice was innovative and exactly what I hope to see more of in the future. In this space they had a physical therapist, a yoga instructor, a massage therapist, and a Pilates instructor. What a great set of resources to help people! I was impressed.

Our health care system is needing change very badly. In these innovative collaborations of holistic movement therapy teachers, I see a direction for change that could be a great blessing to many people. It has been awhile since I have felt that sort of hope for the healthcare industry. I hope to see many more such innovative relationships forming in the future. It is a much needed change. I also hope I can be helpful in this educational and transitional movement.


Work and travelChange and Travel

My first stop will be Oklahoma City and Amarillo, Texas, at the end of November. Then there are plans for North Carolina again and Florida, Boston, southern California, Colorado, and of course, Spain. I like to “drop seeds” as I travel. On my way from North Carolina I had a wonderful chance to meet with a studio owner in Louisville, KY, and another in Columbus, MO. I also spoke with one in Charlotte, WV, who could not meet but who was “intrigued” and asked me to come back sometime. And so it goes—a seed here and a seed there. I do believe that is how long term change is accomplished, by planting seeds of change wherever we find receptive soil. And I meet the most amazing and wonderful people. I have found that studio owners who have dedicated their lives to learning how to help people feel better, have a special spirit about them. I am truly humbled to be able to share this wonderful work with them.


Change is in the Air. TravelYou will be noticing some changes in my website as well in the next month or two. My website will become an important resource for people to know where I will be and when. I will keep updated information about my gypsy whereabouts there. Some clients have asked about scheduling private appointments in the future. This will need to be done by contacting me directly via email or phone. I promise to be prompt in my responses, and I hope this will work well for everyone. Once a month I will work my way back to Topeka and Kansas City to take care of those who already love this work—and keep dropping those seeds as I go.

Change can be messy

Please feel free to write with any information or suggestions you might have about how to make this transition more smooth for you. I look forward to the adventures ahead, the people I will meet, the things I will learn, and time with family. Change is hard, frightening, unsettling, and many other things, but it is also the impetus for growth and good things. What changes might you be wanting to make? What things might you be able to “let go of” in order to make those changes?

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