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Getting Help

Getting Help Getting help can be one of the most important efforts we make in our journey towards health and wellness. I have been in North Carolina with a daughter who will be having her third child in a few weeks. She has a four year old and an 11 month old, and her husband […]

The Gift of Faith

The Gift of Faith

The Gift of Faith With Christmas celebrations going on all over the world, this is a good time to bring up one of the greatest natural anxiety remedies of all – Faith. Whatever our religious affiliations may be, simply put, our faith sustains us by reminding us that we are not in this alone and […]

Connection and Collaboration

connection and collaboration

Connection and Collaboration Today I am looking up at the World Trade Center while listening to the water of Ground Zero and contemplating our need for connection and collaboration. The names of the victims of that terrible terrorist attack surround these waters. These were people who had gotten up that morning and gone to work, […]

What Does Gratitude Mean?


This week was my birthday, and I have been asking myself, “What does gratitude mean? And how can we develop the ability to feel it deeper and more often?” First of all, I am very grateful to be having another birthday….instead of the alternative. So maybe we can start there. Gratitude means we are acknowledging […]