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Social Media and Technology

When we ask, we receive—sometimes much more than we bargained for! I attended a conference in San Diego about internet marketing and social media. The burgeoning field of technological connection is absolutely mind boggling to me. I can see that you either learn it and utilize it or become a fossil buried in the past. […]

Learn To Take Care Of Your Body

"Take care of your body..." quote

It has been very enlightening working on different bodies. Because Body Logic is very hands on—or should I say “elbows on,” I get a chance to feel the differences in each body I work on. I find that to be very, very fascinating. Each body truly is a unique and wonderful creation. I am amazed […]

Back From New York


Back from New York. What an amazing experience! There were 16 of us in the class from all over the world—Russia, Columbia, Japan, Canada, Czech Republic—even a couple from New York! It is interesting how body work can unite people from such diverse backgrounds. I suppose all of us are just people doing the best […]

Support on Starting a Business

Fortune Builders "Welcome"

I mentioned in my last blog the excitement of committing to a dream I had held for many years. Well, things are certainly moving in a new direction very, very quickly. My husband I had been discussing pursuing a future in real estate. We owned a couple of properties, and I realized I knew nothing […]

Taking the Plunge

New York City Scape

I have decided to take the plunge. For several years I have wanted to enroll in Yamuna’s Body Logic training. Body Logic is Yamuna’s foundation work from which the ball rolling evolved. It is a hands on work with the skeletal structure to aid the process of realignment and easing restrictions. It is a two […]

Bodies Are Like Cars

2013 Tesla Model S

The power of mind/body work in general and Yamuna’s body rolling work in particular constantly amazes and impresses me. I believe our bodies are very much like used cars. When we are young, and they have not experienced age, surgeries, injuries, pregnancies, accidents, etc., they work remarkably well with very little maintenance—even if we are […]

To Go or Not to Go?


This week Yamuna sent an e-mail saying her next Body Logic training begins February 21-25 of 2013. Two years, four weeks each year in New York, $6000 each year for tuition. I have wanted to do this for a very long time, but I didn’t see how I could afford the time or the money. […]