Body Work – The International Language

Body Work in RomeSeville, Spain and Rome, Italy—these are the places I will be teaching for the next two weeks. I do not know Italian at all, and my Spanish is very limited. I am grateful that my daughter is very fluent in Spanish and has a friend who speaks Italian. (Not being able to make yourself understood is a very frustrating experience.) I will be working with my daughter and her friends and clients in Seville. She teaches yoga classes in Seville and has set up a workshop for us to teach together. When I voiced some concern about my limited Spanish, she reassured me, “Mom, you can talk with your hands.” What she says is true and gives me more confidence. When I am working with people’s bodies and using my hands (and elbows) to help and to heal, I do not need to communicate with words, and it is wonderful.

I notice this same principle with music. It is a language of the heart, and we can feel it with each other no matter what our native tongue might be, and be grateful for it together. Body Work and MusicI am grateful for such languages that allow us to cross cultural barriers and love and care about each other no matter where we may be in the world.

Heading across the big ocean again makes me think of my Body Logic friends all over the world as well. Being together training for those two years was a tremendous experience, and they will always have an important place in my heart. They truly helped me understand how closely tied we all are—from Russia to Israel to Portugal to Colombia—sharing experiences and hearts brings us close together no matter where we may be in the world.
I must say, though, that I was grateful for their English skills. This trip will give me a chance to work on my Spanish again, but I am glad to know that I can “talk with my hands” and help those I work with feel better whatever country I may be in.

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