My name is Norma Goodrick. I was born in Sacramento, California in 1956, towards the end of the booming of babies. I married Stephen Goodrick in October of 1976 (six month after meeting him—crazy young kids!).


This picture pretty much sums up my life since then. I am the mother of seven children and 13 grandchildren. This is the wedding of my second to the youngest child, Joseph. The oldest is Jenni (she calls herself our Jennipig—truly we had no clue what we were doing—good thing she is incredibly headstrong and resilient). She is in the brown sweater. Next in line is Dan, the handsome young man second to the left with his angel wife, Kelli next to him. To the far right is number three dear Sarah with her husband Jeremy right behind showing off Shelbi who is still in utero here. Michelle is the red head with the purple scarf to the right of Jenni—the world wanderer who had to fly in from Spain for the wedding. Cherie is the tall blonde on the far left who tries against all odds to organize this chaos. Joseph is the oh-so-happy groom here with his gorgeous wife, Olya (who is from Ukraine). And the “baby” and renowned lady’s man is between Michelle and Sarah (he was always surrounded by women) in the red tie third from the right. No, he is not married, and yes, he is too young. The tall man next to the bride is my hubby. My roommate in college called him “Mr. TDH” for tall, dark, and handsome. All these children robbed him of his dark hair, but he’ll always be my tall and handsome one. Oh, and I am the bright red head just behind and to the right of Joseph. No, I am not a red head, but I have had to resort to “color in a bottle,” and the colors for the wedding were red—so why not?

During the time not spent feeding this crew and taking them where they needed to be, I pursued my education through independent study earning a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in 1987 and a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1991. I took some wonderful graduate classes in women’s studies from the University of Kansas and studied literature at Washburn University. More importantly, I love to read and learn—a lot.

In 1995 I began working for the YMCA as an aerobic teacher and then the aerobic director where I developed a pilates and yoga program and taught step aerobics until leaving there to open my own private studio in 2009. At Core Focus, Inc., I seek to facilitate freedom of movement and health through the utilization of pilates, yoga, and Yamuna body rolling. I am an avid believer in the power of body rolling to bring body awareness, teach breath support and solve many movement difficulties.

Spiritual growth has always been very important to me.  I was privileged to serve several years as a teacher and then an administrator in an early morning program to teach high school aged young people about the Old and New Testament and other sacred writings. In a very real way, these students were also “my children.” And, yes, they actually showed up at 5:50 am to learn—a little sleepy perhaps, but there. Knowing how hard it was for me to get up myself, I was deeply impressed by this show of faith and discipline.

I celebrated my 39th year of marriage October 26, 2015 to the man who blessed me with all these children and then stayed around to try to help me figure out what we were going to do with them! We have done a heap’o’livin’ AND learning together. I am so grateful we were committed to our marriage and our children and kept on trying through all kinds of difficult stuff. We are STILL trying and STILL learning…..but we also do a whole lot of laughing, now, too. Quoting Mrs. Potts, “after all these years, [we’ve] finally learned to love.”