I love the use of symbols, and that is what a logo is. This logo was designed by my daughter years ago and has stood as a reminder of the goals I have had for Core Focus in the past and the direction I wish to take it in the future. At first you may see a woman doing a backward bend over a stability ball. You are right. Stability balls are a great tool for practicing balance. This pose in particular is so wonderful for opening up the rib cage for breath and making room for the organs we tend to squish all day long with our poor posture. For my fellow-yogis out there, this pose helps us open our heart chakras to give and receive the love that the world needs and offers. Ah, but as with all great symbols, there is much more going on here. Look again and see that this is also an eye—with the woman being the top eyelid, the lettering Core Focus being the bottom eyelid, and the ball being the eyeball. Now we can move to all the wonderful symbolism which the eye represents for mind, body, and spirit. The eye allows light into the body by which we interpret our world. Our minds are just behind the eyeball trying to figure out the impressions which the eye brings to it. It is the part of our body used to focus and bring what we are truly seeking into clear view while allowing other images to remain peripherally present. And the eye is the “window to the soul.” When you look somebody in the eye, you see much, much more than just an eye. One more word about the color scheme. The image is on red which symbolizes blood. Blood is responsible for the constant cleansing and renewing of the body. As the blood circulates, it brings important nutrients to the tissues, and it picks up waste and gets rid of it. This is a great example for us. Taking in what life gives us, gleaning out and using the good and the nourishing, and then discarding the rest, is central to the health of body, mind, spirit AND relationships. The red then transitions through orange to yellow, symbolizing the journey toward the spiritual, with yellow standing for light and truth. That’s it. That’s my logo to help remind us of the need for balance as we work to grow in mind, body, and spirit, and as marriage partners and families.

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